Sydney Airport is a powerhouse driving productivity, jobs, economic growth and prosperity for Sydney, NSW and Australia. Our strategy is to deliver sustainable growth and value underpinned by a collaborative and integrated approach to meeting passenger, airlines, business partner and community needs.

Partnership and market development

Sydney and NSW are unique, high growth markets. We’re well positioned to leverage the growth of Asia, and our airport provides direct access to 70% of the world’s population. We’re working closely with our tourism and business partners – and government stakeholders – to make the most of these market opportunities to support the growth of aviation and tourism.

Optimise efficiencies, operations and capacity

Sydney Airport will continue to serve the aviation needs for the whole of the Sydney Basin until at least 2026. We’re working to examine and update policy settings to ensure Sydney and NSW’s economic prosperity is not artificially constrained. This will maximise the use of existing infrastructure, so we can continue to enhance our customer offering.

Improve access to
the airport

Access to Sydney Airport is vitally important to the passenger experience – and our surrounding communities. Now two years into our five-year ground access plan, we’re already delivering improvements to make it easier to access the airport. We’re also working with the NSW Government and the aviation industry to advocate for integrated strategies to ease congestion on roads surrounding our airport.

Enhance the passenger experience

We’re leveraging technology to improve the customer experience and airline operations. We’re using data and technology to empower our people to respond to increasing demand in real-time, and alleviate capacity pinch points across our operations. This is part of our commitment to expand our offering and facilities to meet differentiated customer needs.

Meet demand for aviation infrastructure

We’re delivering five-year international airline agreements, improving service standards across our terminals. As we plan for the future, we’re considering the long-term growth of our operations and planning new infrastructure to meet new demand. In the long-term, this includes a greater focus on co-location, new terminals and differentiated products.