In 2016, we provided $3.3 million as part of our community investment program.

As part of our proud history of partnering with the local community, Sydney Airport has invested in a wide range of programs in the areas of health, education, environment and families in need. Our investment continued to target local communities surrounding the airport precinct, as well as greater Sydney.

In 2016, we repositioned our community engagement strategy to ensure Sydney Airport’s investment delivered maximum benefit to the communities and organisations we work alongside. Our new strategy identified three key pillars to guide our community investment in the future.

Living local

Keeping local communities connected, healthy, vibrant and thriving

Leading and learning

Supporting the leaders of tomorrow

Sydney’s airport

A great airport that embraces Sydney and of which Sydney can be proud

Living local

At Sydney Airport, we recognise the significant role we play in the Sydney and NSW economies, and the wide range of communities we engage with as part of our day-today operations. With more than 29,000 people working across 800 businesses at our airport, we are part of a busy and thriving community that is playing an important role in driving Sydney’s success.

Our living local focus seeks to keep communities connected, healthy, vibrant and thriving. To support this goal, we’ve been a major sponsor of Surf Life Saving’s Sydney branch for the last 15 years. Our sponsorship supports the clubs, members, families and juniors across 15 beaches from North Bondi to Burning Palms in the Royal National Park.

Through this important partnership, we’re helping to build skills and provide training and development for junior life savers taking part in the Nippers program. This has helped the club’s youngest members start to build strong links with the community in which they live, while taking part in an iconic Sydney pastime.

Leading and learning

As one of the most significant pieces of infrastructure in Australia, we understand the value of leadership and learning to achieve growth and success. To coincide with the introduction of our new diversity policy, we identified two key partnerships during the year to foster a culture of leadership and learning in our community, while also supporting diversity in leadership.

We were proud to announce our sponsorship of the gold medal winning Qantas Australian Women’s Rugby Sevens team ahead of its Rio Olympics bid. It was the first time a sponsor had supported only the women’s side, highlighting our commitment to women’s sport. We were delighted to welcome the team home following its Olympics success during the year.

We also become a foundation sponsor for the Greater Western Sydney (GWS) Giants women’s team. We were delighted to take on a leadership role as a foundation partner for the team, ahead of the inaugural AFL women’s season in 2017. Sydney Airport has also supported GIANTS CARE as part of our sponsorship, to help young people and families in Western Sydney gain access to health and education services.

Sydney’s airport

Throughout the year, we’ve demonstrated our commitment to Sydney through a range of initiatives aimed at celebrating the unique character of our city. We invested in several programs aimed at celebrating our arts and culture, ranging from special events to community initiatives.

We were proud to support the Sydney Symphony Orchestra as they showcased the unique sounds of Sydney through their performances. Our sponsorship supported special performances for school children from the Sydney area. The orchestra also performed at Sydney Airport during the year, extending Sydney’s cultural identity to the airport and welcoming visitors in its distinctive style.

In 2017, we will seek to further our commitment to Sydney as we identify a flagship partner to reflect this important part of our community engagement strategy.

Harnessing the efforts of our airport community

In addition to our community partnerships, we’ve also undertaken key fundraising initiatives during the year. These events provided an opportunity for the broader airport community to get involved in raising funds, and support local charities delivering much needed services in the Sydney area.

Our Lost Property Auction raised more than $200,000 for charity, auctioning a range of items left unclaimed at the airport during the year. The auction attracted widespread interest as about 5,000 items went under the hammer. Funds raised from the auction were donated to Conservation Volunteers Australia, The Clontarf Foundation, The Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation and Lifeline Australia.

The Sydney Airport Community Christmas Giving Appeal also raised $316,292, with all proceeds going to Ronald McDonald House Charities. The appeal harnessed the collaborative spirit and generosity of the Sydney Airport community. In 2016 it featured an iconic Runway Run, where more than 100 members of the public donned Ronald McDonald wigs and socks to run on one of our runway aprons. It was the first time the event was opened to members of the public, with participants donating $100 to the appeal to secure their place. The appeal also featured a Hangar Dinner overlooking the airfield, volunteers collecting donations in our terminals, a car raffle and a range of additional activations across our airport. It was the fifth year Sydney Airport has hosted the appeal, which has raised more than $1.1 million in that time.

How we engage with our community stakeholders:
  • Quarterly Sydney Airport Community Forum
  • Half yearly Planning Coordination Forum
  • Annual community update in local newspapers
  • Regular website updates
  • Letterbox flyers
  • Ongoing local council briefings
  • Consultation processes as part of major development plans and master planning
  • Partnerships with local councils
  • Supporting local festivals and events
  • Quarterly community newsletter, Connections

Stakeholder engagement

We engaged with a wide range of stakeholder groups throughout the year to foster positive, strong and lasting relationships. In 2016, our ongoing community and stakeholder engagement program sought to:

  • keep the local community, their elected representatives and other stakeholders informed about the operation, proposed development and future planning of the airport;
  • work cooperatively with Australian and NSW governments and agencies, local governments and other organisations that have roles and responsibilities involving or affecting Sydney Airport;
  • communicate and make available relevant and accurate information about Sydney Airport to the community and other stakeholders in a timely manner, in a form that is easy to understand and in a way that reaches all stakeholders; and
  • listen to and genuinely consider feedback from the community and other stakeholders and, where possible, resolve issues of concern.

Our stakeholder engagement program featured a range of communications during the year to ensure all of our stakeholders could access relevant information about our operations. This included our quarterly Sydney Airport Community Forum to foster stronger links with our communities.

Issues discussed with our stakeholders spanned all aspects of our operations, and included:

  • aircraft noise impacts and the implementation of the Australian Government’s noise sharing policy;
  • upgrades to the road network in and around the airport precinct;
  • improvements to public transport and active transport options;
  • planning and development proposals for areas around the airport, with the potential to affect airport operations;
  • protection of Sydney Airport’s prescribed airspace;
  • new air services to Sydney; and
  • investing in our community.